The only umbilical slurry pumping system in SA which truly completes the farm cycle

Based in KZN, Slurry Tech imported the first and only umbilical slurry pumping and slurry application system to South Africa in 2005.

This slurry system offers farmers an efficient and cost effective means of spreading slurry from slurry dams onto fields.

Why Slurry Tech?
• Nutrients available in slurry are invaluable
• End to end solution completing the farm cycle
• Contracting basis creates a hassle free option for the farmer
• Operation is charged per hour
• Continuous feed means no time wasted with travelling
• Slurry application range of up to 2 kilometres
• Negligible compaction of land

Slurry Tech experience
Slurry Tech owner Andrew Williams has over 20 years experience in agriculture. This experienced has been gained both in South Africa and the UK. He is passionate about what he does and aims to help farmers become more aware of the benefits slurry can have on their operations instead of seeing slurry as “just a problem”