How the slurry system works

Stage 1 – Stir slurry pond

Organic slurry stirred in pondSlurry fertilizer stirrer
The slurry stirrer is powered by a separate tractor. This continues to stir at the same time as the pump is operating. Stirring is essential for reducing settling of the large particles present in the dams. Without this part of the operation the dams will eventually become completely solidified as only the very liquid slurry is removed.

Stage 2 – Reel out pipes

Umbilical pipe reelerReeling out the umbilical piping
The lay flat umbilical pipes are reeled out and laid across the fields to where the slurry is required. One end is attached to the pump and the other to the slurry applicator on the tractor.

Stage  3 – Pump slurry

Doda slurry pumpOrganic slurry is pumped from slurry dam
The diesel slurry pump is positioned on the dam wall. A pipe is then lowered into the dam ready for pumping. The tractor hours are recorded only whilst the pump is functioning.

Stage  4 – Spread slurry onto your lands

Organic slurry fertilizer spread on landsEnvironmentally friendly organic farmingThe tractor carrying the slurry applicator starts on one side of the field travels up and down spreading the slurry while also drawing the umbilical pipes behind it.

Soil compaction is negligible as the tractor never travels the same track twice, and there is no expensive turnaround time as the slurry applicator is continuously linked to the pump via the umbilical pipes.

Slurry fertilizing using the umbilical system is hassle free for the farmer and his staff as Slurry Tech supplies the whole system.