So what are the benefits of system?

Full slurry pit being stirred and pumped

Full slurry pond

Slurry organics now on field

Empty slurry pond

Those farmers who already choose to pump the organic and nutrient-rich slurry from their dams onto crop fields and pastures are known to struggle with unsuitable pumps and inefficient application systems. The use of slurry tankers can be time consuming and much more costly. At the same time compacting soils unnecessarily, especially with no-till planting practices, which are becoming increasingly popular.

This system is currently the most cost effective way of applying slurry. Saving you time and money.

By using the slurry on your farm regularly you will avoid all the environmental problems as well as maintaining the quality of your soil.  If you leave the slurry pond for long periods of time, firstly you are wasting valuable fertilizer and secondly you will have to add extra water to enable us to pump which will increase costs un-necessarily.

The system is charged out at an hourly rate which excludes diesel and VAT.

Prices from R1880 per hour.  We also offer a reduced rate for the more hours that are pumped.  Contact us for a quote.