Why use slurry as a fertilizer?

Benefits of Slurry organic fertilizer

Slurry benefits

With proper slurry management and field application literally thousands of Rand every year could be cut from farmers’ artificial fertilizer budgets.

In addition to the cost saving there is also the advantage of using farm manure correctly reducing the need for expensive commercial fertilizer.

Plant response to slurry application compared to commercial fertilizer is far faster.

There are also other mineral and trace elements in the slurry not taken into account. These do however have a significant effect on the crop.

Slurry Tech and the environment

reelerSlurry is an organic, virtually free and environmentally friendly source of plant nutrition. Using slurry as a fertilizer will mean not only a reduction in the farm’s costs, but also make overflowing slurry dams a thing of the past.

Farmers are eventually going to become more accountable for agricultural practices that are not deemed environmentally friendly. Uncontrolled and overflowing slurry dams from dairy and pig production enterprises are already contributing to the pollution of South Africa’s very scarce natural freshwater resources.